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Jan 4, 2022

Is it even possible to seamlessly combine venture capital financing with philanthropic activities?

Our guest for today is serial entrepreneur, and philosopher, Ivan Anz of PhilanthroInvestors, Inc. and Equity & Help, who shares with us his thoughts on social impact investing.

You will learn how Ivan started his entrepreneurial journey way back as a seven-year-old. And how he got his big philanthropic investing idea that allows families to become proud homeowners with just $2K down.

In today’s show, Ivan gives us a complete breakdown of this incredible investing strategy which results in a win-win for all involved stakeholders. Towards the end, we also share some interesting details about Ivan’s next moon-shot project – which is about water investing. Enjoy!


For more info on Ivan please check him out here at:

Key Takeaways: 00:00 – Ivan’s background information 01:29 – How Ivan started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of seven 03:45 – How did Ivan get his big idea for PhilanthroInvestors? 07:23 – Why did Ivan decide to bring his philanthropic investing idea to the US? 08:53 – Ivan launches his company, Equity and Help 09:53 – How philanthropic investing allows families to buy a house with just $2K down 14:11 – How are the families qualified for financing? 15:36 – Finding the right deals 17:24 – Getting down to the nitty-gritty – how are the deals funded? 20:35 – How is Ivan’s family involved once a family assumes ownership? 23:36 – What kind of recurring revenue does Ivan’s company generate as they manage a property? 25:05 – What returns do Philanthro Investors typically earn? 26:23 – Can investors pick and choose an investment? 30:09 – About Ivan’s water investing project, and how it works 36:28 – Funding water purification equipment for the greater social good 38:43 – Why has Ivan chosen to settle down in Puerto Rico? 42:38 – Ivan’s advice to young kids who wish to be successful in life 44:40 – Finding a dream that fuels your passion and

--- Quotes: “I discovered that 51% of Americans do not qualify for a traditional mortgage. And then I discovered that the US isn't ranking number 43 for the countries with the highest homeownership rate in the world. The US is number 43 with 36% of families being tenants”. “The all-philanthropic part is that these families are paying $550 a month to live in these homes, while rent will we $1100-$1200. And they're coming and putting sweat equity in the homes and they are improving the asset and then improving the neighborhood”. “Find a dream that is not a personal dream…like some dream that is your passion. Something you're passionate about, that improves the society and improves the humanity”.

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