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Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Dec 17, 2019

What’s stopping you from getting to the next level? Marshall Sylver contends that your subconscious programming is the reason you’re stuck. And if you can learn to reprogram your mindset, success is not just possible—it’s a certainty.

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Marshall Sylver is the leading expert in subconscious reprogramming, persuasion and influence, earning worldwide acclaim for his three decades of work in the personal development space. A sought-after business consultant and keynote speaker, he has transformed the lives of thousands of people through his self-development training and book, Passion Power Profit. Marshall’s latest venture is Certainty International, a platform designed to help entrepreneurs run successful businesses in today’s complex environment. 

On this episode of Founders Club, Marshall joins Oliver to discuss the subconscious programming that holds us back, explaining how to replace those mental roadblocks with a mindset of certainty. He shares the story of his introduction to the power of hypnosis and describes how his humble beginnings motivated his current success. Listen in for insight on applying subconscious reprogramming in your business and learn his three-step approach to putting people in a YES state!

Key Takeaways

[0:42] How to overcome your subconscious programming

  • Replace mental roadblocks with new mindset
  • All things possible when CERTAIN

[10:02] How his humble beginnings motivated Marshall’s success

  • Single mother with 10 siblings, homeless twice
  • Devoted life to making mother’s life easier

[17:14] Marshall’s introduction to hypnosis

  • Hypnotized at school assembly, realized powerful force
  • Reintroduced by fellow DJ (led to appearance on Letterman)

[29:35] How to apply subconscious reprogramming in business

  • Be authentic, painfully honest
  • Cultivate massive empathy gene

[35:20] The three things you need to get anything you want

  1. Create self-mastery (control over thoughts, emotions)
  2. Need tools for task at hand
  3. Ability to take action in present moment

[48:17] Marshall’s insight around cold reading people

  • Every thought creates physical response in body
  • Come from place of certainty, full attention on customer

[56:38] The benefits of Marshall’s Turning Point event

  • Turns up your wanting-ness
  • Learn to reprogram brain
  • Develop irresistible influence

[59:24] Marshall’s advice for getting to the next level

  • Appreciate what you’ve got
  • Be certain
  • Find somebody you identify with + hack them
  • Identify personality distinction that needs to change

[1:09:58] Marshall’s three-step close

  1. Start with emotion
  2. Back up with logic
  3. Spanky spanky

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