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Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Dec 3, 2019

How do the skills learned in pro skating translate to entrepreneurship? For Mikey Taylor, a career spent doing darkslides and noseblunts was a masterclass is managing fear, building a brand and finding purpose. And today, Mikey is leveraging what he learned to invest in real estate—and help other athletes and entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom in the process.

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Mikey is the President and Managing Principal at Commune Capital, a private equity real estate investment fund built around the idea that financial freedom isn’t a dream, but a tangible life worth pursuing. He has 20 years of professional skateboarding experience, holding sponsorship contracts with DC Shoes, GoPro Cameras and Alien Workshop and cofounding SOVRN, a skateboard and apparel company out of Los Angeles. Mikey was also the cofounder of Saint Archer Brewing Company, a multimillion-dollar craft beer operation acquired by MillerCoors in 2015.

On this episode of Founders Club, Mikey joins Oliver to discuss his evolution from pro skater to entrepreneur and explain how pushing through fear has served him in both ventures. He shares his good fortune in being introduced to Randy Sanada, describing how he learned to invest in himself—and other lucrative asset classes like multifamily and self-storage. Listen in for Mikey’s insight around building a brand, responding to criticism, and creating a community through Commune Capital.

Key Takeaways

[0:38] What drew Mikey to skating

  • Opportunity to compete against himself
  • Changed way of seeing world (e.g.: handrails, cement walls)

[3:00] How Mikey learned to push through fear

  • Trick brain into allowing body to try things
  • Learn what hold you back + monitor fear

[10:32] Mikey’s insight around building a brand

  • Know WHO building brand for
  • Consistent + welcoming = TRUST

[17:08] Mikey’s introduction to investing

  • Parents encouraged to meet with Randy Sanada
  • Taught to live below means, deploy capital in opportunities

[23:12] Mikey’s first investments

  • HIMSELF (becoming better skater to increase income)
  • Stock market, storage units

[28:06] Mikey’s experience with Saint Archer

  • Built around action sports community
  • Challenge to navigate massive growth

[38:40] How Mikey dealt with the end of his skating career

  • Loss of identity, lowest point despite success
  • Realized purpose necessary to push forward

[47:55] Mikey’s vision for Commune Capital

  • Start with idea to help skaters learn investing
  • Expand to include other sports and entrepreneurs

[50:37] Mikey’s take on the criticism re: gentrification

  • Realized error in communicating mission
  • Critics see through lens of their experience
  • Deep value-add projects improve communities

[58:54] The projects Commune Capital is pursuing now

  • Multifamily properties and storage units
  • Accredited investors (eventually add Reg A offering)

[1:02:12] Mikey’s advice on finding deals

  • Build relationships with brokers, developers
  • Get educated + be persistent to get first deal

[1:07:21] The benefit of investing with Commune Capital

  • Part of community, return beyond money
  • Preferred return for every investor

[1:14:23] What’s brought Mikey the most joy

  • Giving brewery investors’ money back
  • Putting others first = most rewarding

[1:18:11] Mikey advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Self-aware of strengths + weaknesses
  • Don’t be limited by what others think

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