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Mar 2, 2021

Investing In Probate Real Estate Explained 🏠💰

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Wondering how you can find great real estate deals in this expensive, red-hot market?

Our guest for today, Mike Torres is the Founder of US Probate Services and MTI Education.  In today’s show, Mike shares how you can leverage the niche probate space to build and sustain a lucrative real estate investing business. 

Back in 1980, when Mike was property scouting for his mom, he chanced upon this real estate strategy that would change the course of his life. Mike coaching company, MTI education has since, coached 12,000 real estate agents who have been closing thousands of probate transactions every year. 

On today’s show, Mike reveals the underlying philosophy that makes probate transactions one of the best real estate investing strategies today. From finding motivated sellers to pitching your deal, you will learn the A to Z of probate transactions on today’s show.

You will also learn some great lead generation and marketing automation tips today.

We hope you enjoy this show!

Key Takeaways:

00:00 – Mike’s background information 

01:30 – What’s a probate? Mike explains in simple terms

04:23 – Looking Back: how Mike first got into real estate investing using the probate court system

06:53 – Older demographics and cash poor estates

08:34 – Leveraging the probate court system to find extremely motivated sellers

15:02 – How can realtors and invests benefit from the probate court system

19:15 – A one-stop-shop to provide more value and close sales faster 

22:57 – Typically, how long does it take to close a deal?

24:26 – Using marketing automation and education to increase lead flow

26:50 – A fast and easy way for creating an eBook

28:35 – Mike outlines the entire sales process

31:54 – How to pitch your offer to a lead who is grieving for a close relative

37:23 – Using software for scraping probate data

39:50 – The ONE Thing that can help you successfully implement Mike’s investing strategy

43:33 – And we wrap up with some excellent parting advice!



“Especially now with technology, holy cow, you can create automated marketing funnels and let the machine do all the work. All I have to do is pick up the phone and follow up”. 

“So, every problem has an opportunity. So, your job is to find their problem, because you already have that solution in your bag”.

“I think that's really important to understand that when you're reaching out to people, you have to be empathetic to their position, their emotions, their moods”.


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