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Jun 22, 2021

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents (Get More Leads!)

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Unhappy with your social media marketing results? Looking for some nuanced marketing tips to grow your business? 

Our guest for today, Jeff Pfitzer, founder, Pfitzer Team, USA Mortgage shares with us his wisdom on using social media for real estate marketing. 

Jeff shares his content creation and posting strategy for social media. And reveals why he is a big fan of short-form video marketing content. 

Jeff also makes some interesting comparisons between Facebook and Instagram, and also unravels his strategy for Tik Tok. Towards the end of the show, you will also learn how joining a mastermind has helped Jeff massively scale up his business. 

We hope you enjoy this show! 

Key Takeaways: 

  • 00:00 – Jeff’s background information 
  • 02:15 – How did Jeff end up in the mortgage business? 
  • 03:53 – The financial crisis of ’08 and why teaming up with USA mortgage was the best thing ever that happened for Jeff 
  • 04:44 – Venturing into marketing in 2016 
  • 07:02 – Jeff’s AH-HA moment – how he zeroed in on his video marketing strategy 
  • 10:29 – Camera shy? Jeff has some great tips to help you out 
  • 13:40 – Building trust and authority through your video marketing 
  • 16:02 – Why did Jeff decided to take up long distance running? 
  • 22:05 – Facebook vs. Instagram – why Instagram is THE best app to market your business 
  • 26:06 – Jeff shares his content-creation & posting strategy for Instagram 
  • 27:27 – How to get more views for your Instagram reels 
  • 31:06 – Which is the best app for editing your social media videos? 
  • 33:32 – Outsourcing and scaling up your social media marketing 
  • 37:16 – Jeff unpacks his TikTok strategy 
  • 39:38 – Why short-form content is an incredibly powerful way of marketing your business 
  • 43:48 – Creating short 5-second content for real estate marketing 
  • 45:30 – Choosing consistency over perfection 
  • 47:41 – Can short podcasts work for you? 
  • 49:20 – How mastermind and coaching has helped Jeff massively scale up his business 
  • 58:15 – Tools and apps that Jeff uses on a regular basis 



“If you're trying to build a personal brand, which if you're a real estate agent, you are your brand, it's not the brokerage on the name of your shirt, it's you. And so, you have to get uncomfortable. You either commit or you don't”. 

“My opinion is Instagram is the most important social media app that exists currently. It's the future of social media, in my opinion”. 

“The world is getting used to this kind of stuff. And so, when they see a tick tock watermark or a real watermark, on a video on Facebook, I got a better chance of my audience watching it because they know subliminally, this isn't going to take a lot of my time”. 

“The most successful people are the most successful because they're willing to take those chances and get uncomfortable and do all sorts of things”. 


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