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Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Mar 30, 2021

Want more real estate listings? Watch this episode of Founders Club with Trevor Mauch where he reveals some of the tops strategies to grow your real estate business.

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When there are gurus and business-owners who swear by complicated marketing tactics, can you generate massive traction for your real estate business using some simple, easy-to-implement lead generation strategies? 

There are few people who can answer this question better than our guest for today, Trevor Mauch, the founder of Carrot.

On today’s show, Trevor shares his wisdom on real-estate lead generation, leveraging Google and SEO to dominate the marketplace, and building evergreen marketing strategies for maximum traction.   

You will learn how to get off the marketing hamster wheel by outsourcing and automating your content creation strategy.

As we discuss different case studies, you will get a peek into Carrot’s methodology using which Trevor and his team have generated 2,356,261 (and counting!) real estate leads.

We hope you enjoy this show!

Key Takeaways:

  • 00:00 – Trevor’s background information
  • 01:53 – How Trevor ended up biking across Ireland back in ‘09
  • 04:16 – Trevor makes his first real estate investment at the age of 21
  • 08:37 – Finding highly motivated sellers, and a no-brainer deal
  • 12:22 – How Trevor got into online lead-generation and SEO – which ultimately led to the formation of Carrot
  • 16:09 – Victim of his own success, Trevor realizes that he has to step off the hamster wheel
  • 18:34 – Is your business sapping your energy and leaving you feeling drained and depressed?
  • 19:14 – Learn how to conduct an energy audit and shed all the things that are bogging you down
  • 26:39 – How Trevor bootstrapped Carrot and almost reached his breaking point after taking on too much on his plate
  • 31:44 – Tips for real estate folks who wish to outsource the content creation process
  • 34:51 – Getting off the marketing hamster wheel and build evergreen lead generation sources
  • 38:52 – Getting a peek at Carrot’s marketing analytics, their traffic sources, and conversion rates
  • 41:18 – Outbound or inbound marketing – what is the most effective option for real estate agents and investors?
  • 42:38 – How Anthony Beckham, a client managed to generate organic traffic for his Oregon properties by following the Carrot methodology
  • 44:14 – The best and the easiest way to repurpose your videos into blog posts
  • 44:53 – Running video ads and retargeting your leads on Facebook
  • 48:53 – Building an authority hub that converts your website into a traffic and conversion-focused marketing machine
  • 52:33 – How to beat Zillow at their own game
  • 55:30 – How Trever ended up managing an 8,000 square co-working space by paying just $200 a month
  • 01:00:02 – Which productivity software does Trevor rely on day-in, day-out?
  • 01:01:55 – Are you chasing money or energy?
  • 01:04:51 – Trevor shares his contact information



“Most real estate investors, most real estate agents, and investors tend to focus on what I call hamster wheel marketing”.

“Your volume of deals and leads is going to come from outbound. It's going to come from sending out the mail, sending out the cold calls to activate demand for people that aren't actively looking on Google. But your highest quality, most motivated ones are going to come from a Google search”.

“I think if you're doing something with enough energy and it gives you enough energy, you're probably going to be pretty damn good at that thing. And if you do it enough, you'll probably get noticed by people and somehow make a career out of it. 

“Chase energy, not money. Hopefully, money follows but I would much rather be high energy and doing things I love and be broke versus really low energy, miserable, and have a bunch of money. So that's me”.


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