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Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

May 11, 2021

Is it really possible to leverage the power of crypto and blockchain to democratize real estate investing?

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On today’s show, we interview Roan Yarn, Founder at Cointinuum and Bit Real Estate Exchange who shares with us his wisdom on crypto-currency, real estate investing, and fractional ownership. 

You will learn about Roan’s goal of democratizing real estate investing using his crypto trading exchange, Bit Real Estate Exchange and his cryptocurrency, Cointinuum.

Roan shares his concerns about Bitcoin and how these inspired him to get into the crypto and blockchain space in the first place. 

Learn how Roan plans on leveraging the power of cryptocurrency to bring stability and liquidity to real estate investing.

We hope you enjoy this show!

Key Takeaways:

  • 00:00 – Roan’s background information
  • 03:46 – How did Roan get into the crypto blockchain space?
  • 08:20 – Leveraging the power of crypto to have a greater social impact
  • 10:11 – When and how did Roan first learn about Bitcoin?
  • 12:54 – How will blockchain change the face of the real estate industry?
  • 19:20 – Can you tokenize an existing real estate portfolio?
  • 21:20 - How Cointinuum aims to provide stability and liquidity to the real estate investor
  • 25:09 – How does the Bit Real Estate Exchange work?
  • 26:59 – Can you invest in real estate projects with Cointinuum?
  • 29:50 – Fractionalizing ownership with crypto
  • 33:01 – Understanding the concept of property tokenization
  • 37:40 – Can the average person invest in real estate projects using Cointinumm? Can this cryptocurrency democratize real estate investing?
  • 43:17 – Bitcoin concerns – what can be done to enhance long-term sustainability?



“From the real estate operator’s point of view, the biggest downfall in owning real estate is the sheer lack of liquidity. You own a property, you can't sell it that afternoon. And you will have to go through a process to get equity out of it. And so I thought, well, what if you could access capital more quickly?”

“I believe that the democratization of investments is critical to allow everyday ordinary folks to participate in the technology economy”.

“There are also questions around the long-term security of Bitcoin and you'll have to have me back one day where we can talk about what’s under the hood of Bitcoin and I can share a lot of the scary details around that, but also some hopeful things that that can be done”.

“If you're truly buying a cup of coffee today with Bitcoin, you'll be paying more in transaction fees than you'd be paying for your coffee”.



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