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Sep 1, 2020

Are you looking for some powerful yet actionable tips so that your business can be an outlier in this floundering economy? 

Our guest for today, Kevin Ward is the CEO and Founder of Yes Masters. Kevin is a “No B.S. Real Estate Success Coach” who started training agents back in 2012.

In this episode, Kevin joins Oliver to reveal some great hacks that will enable real estate agents not only protect but also grow their business in the wake of COVID.

COVID has had a telling effect on the American economy. And some experts claim that the ongoing situation is far worse that the 2008 financial crisis. The real estate market has not been spared either as we are witnessing a huge mismatch between supply and demand. 

In today’s show, Kevin reveals why, contrary to popular perception, right now is the THE BEST TIME for real estate agents – if they play their cards right. From popular real estate opportunities to investment philosophies to success mantras, this show is loaded with some immense value guaranteed to help you out.

We hope you enjoy this show!  Tune in now!

Key Takeaways:

  • 00:00 – Kevin’s background information
  • 02:19 – Selling 100+ homes a year 
  • 02:50 - Importance of a good work-life balance
  • 03:27 - The Seven domains of life to FOCUS on
  • 05:44 – Finding alignment in life
  • 10:01 – Leveraging the power of visualization for long-term success 
  • 11:20 – Being next-level focused
  • 14:29 – Short-term pain for huge long-term gains
  • 15:44 – Bootstrapping Yes Masters; Kevin quits his job to pursue his dream
  • 19:11 – Spending money after coaching (even when I did not have it)
  • 21:43 – Kevin’s big WHY that attracted him to real estate coaching
  • 23:33 – Helping people fulfil their dreams
  • 24:43 – From agent producer to author coach
  • 27:30 – Advice for broker owners who wish to hone their leadership skills   
  • 28:39 – Learning the art of public speaking and communicating from renowned voice coach, Roger Love
  • 30:16 – K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple, Stupid; The McDonald’s Approach to Real Estate Investing
  • 30:47 – Hiring a showing agent to do your legwork and scaling up your business
  • 33:57 – Why you should focus your lead generation efforts on sellers rather than buyers
  • 37:50 – Why right now is THE BEST TIME for real estate agents
  • 37:50 – What is the impact of COVID on the real estate market and the larger macroeconomy?
  • 45:53 – Discussing the utter lack of professionally trained agents
  • 49:38 – Using attraction marketing to develop long-term relationships with clients
  • 00:51:36 – The Four Superpowers of SUCCESS
  • 00:51:36 - #1 Commitment
  • 00:51:55 - #2 Competence
  • 00:52:07 - #3 Compassion
  • 00:53:30 - #4 Courage
  • 00:54:08 – Pricing strategies to help you protect and grow your real estate business during COVID
  • 01:00:18 – Open house vs. Scheduling showings – which is the best option for selling real estate?
  • 01:00:55 – Strategies for making sales in a high supply-low demand market
  • 01:02:45 – How to make the most of the current situation
  • 01:03:33 – What are some good pockets of opportunities in the real estate market right now?
  • 01:04:27 – Is it a good time to cash out so that you can reposition at a later date?
  • 01:09:50 – How to target sellers who are downsizing right now
  • 01:11:12 – Can you make money off short sales right now?
  • 01:13:24 – Recap of all the best opportunities in the real estate market
  • 01:15:12 – Sellers are frogs and buyers are snails – Kevin explains his analogy in simple terms
  • 01:18:06 – Kevin shares his mixed-method approach for real estate investing
  • 01:23:45 – How a burning desire to be the best can help you overcome the most challenging situations 
  • 01:25:04 – What are some key attributes that helped Kevin’s star agent reach a million dollars in 26-months flat?
  • 01:26:27 – Want to learn the nuances of nuances of Agent Mastery LIVE
  • 01:28:33 – How to track data for real estate investing
  • 01:30:02 – What should be your investing strategy in the wake of COVID?
  • 01:33:32 – Market Crash or Buying Opportunity 
  • 01:34:40 – How can hiring a coach help you out?
  • 01:38:44 – Why being intentional is the need of the hour
  • 01:40:20 – How to gain referrals and grow your business
  • 01:42:15 – The FIVE levels of success



“I don't care about your money. I care about your dreams. Because I will fight for your dreams if you're willing to fight for them.”

“The moment you commit to become the best, you just got better.”

"The standard of competence for me is being the best in the market."

“When buyer’s want something, they got to be excited about it. And when they want something, the fund reasons to do it.”

“I can spend time and effort to get business. That is prospecting. I can spend money to get business. That is marketing. I can build relationships and get top of the mind awareness, and get results. And people line up.”

“I'm not just here to get a paycheck. I'm here to build a relationship and part of that is I want to do such a good job that I get more business from you because of that.”


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