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May 3, 2022

Russel Brunson on how to Sell More With A Simple “Sales Funnel”

Russell is the founder of the incredibly successful Click Funnels. 

Believe it or not, Russell first got his big idea when he was selling potato guns on the internet. He has come a long way since. As of today, more than 120,000 businesses use Clickfunnels to manage their operations. 

Whether you are already generating business from the internet or are yet to take to the plunge, listening to today’s show will surely help you out. 

Russell espouses a lot of wisdom in understanding the buyer psychology to sell real estate using the power of the internet on today's show from profitable funnel design t. 

We hope you enjoy this one! 


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Russell Brunson: Sell More With A Simple “Sales Funnel”

Key Takeaways: 

00:05 – Welcoming Russell to the show 

02:24 – How did Russell end up in internet marketing? 

03:07 – Russell’s first product, and how business requirements forced him to design upsells 

06:47 – Getting your buyers to buy from again and again 

09:55 – Why and how did Russell Brunson get into the habit of collecting mailers? 

14:02 – How a mix of art and science can lead to a profitable funnel design 

16:14 – The hook, story, offer framework 

19:47 – An impossible marketing story - successfully selling a $50 bottle of water 

23:00 – Are websites really dead? 

28:46 – Russell has some great advice for folks in real estate 

31:05 – Selling a product vs. Selling a service – Does your funnel different significantly? 

34:10 – Ideally, how many emails should you send out every week? 

36:08 – Is sending out multiple emails per day a good idea? 

38:26 – Best internet marketing strategies for realtors 

45:37 – Creating evergreen content for your funnel 

50:15 – How trust can help you gain repeat buyers 

58:34 – Apart from Click Funnels, which apps does Russell use to manage his business? 

01:00:17 – Coaching for young kids 


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