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Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

May 13, 2020

Are you a real estate agent or builder struggling to market real estate properties after the virus outbreak? Looking for some creative marketing solutions to rejuvenate your business activity?

Our guest for today, Travis Thom, Elevated Marketing REM is a Facebook expert who specializes in real estate.

In this episode, Travis joins Oliver to reveal how you can set up and promote a virtual open house using Facebook ads. You will learn how to build audiences, garner engagement, leverage Facebook Lives, and then retarget your warm audiences.

This show is full of actionable tips guaranteed to help you stand out in a tough market. We hope you enjoy this show!  

Key Takeaways:

  • 01:28 – What exactly is a virtual open house?
  • 01:38 – Plummeting Facebook ad costs due to the virus outbreak
  • 02:30 – Step-by-step workflow for setting up and promoting a virtual open house
  • 05:15 – Retargeting strategies for reaching out to your warm audience
  • 06:57 – Using Facebook Live to generate leads
  • 09:54 – Travis shares how he first started using this strategy a year-and-a half back
  • 10:50 – Validation – how Travis used this strategy to sell $600K houses in a single week
  • 12:34 – How to use Facebook ads to promote an open house
  • 16:18 – Leveraging Facebook Lives
  • 16:18 – How to brand your Facebook Lives
  • 18:14 – Converting your Lives to video view ads 
  • 22:33 – How to accurately gauge the lead’s intent
  • 25:08 – Tools required to shoot an open house
  • 28:00 – How to pull in organic AND paid traffic for your virtual open house
  • 31:37 – Best practices for shooting an engaging Facebook Live
  • 38:15 – How to send out a Facebook Live to your mailing list 
  • 39:49 – Recommended tools for creating Facebook creatives
  • 42:05 – Using Facebook images that maximize engagement
  • 44:44 – Why creating an engagement ad is way better than boosting your post
  • 46:56 – What is the ideal daily ad-spend and audience size?
  • 47:50 – Will your quality of leads deteriorate if your audience size is too big?
  • 49:40 – Will your ad costs go up if your audience is niche and really small?
  • 53:55 – Typically, for how long do you need to run your Facebook ads for an event like a virtual open house?
  • 55:20 – How many people can you expect to attend your open house after running a digital marketing campaign?
  • 59:28 - Retargeting strategies for reaching out to your warm audience
  • 01:04:35 – Can you target a wide audience using zero targeting on Facebook?
  • 01:05:21 – Is Facebook’s AI powerful enough to read images?
  • 01:08:22 – Is Facebook really spying on us? 
  • 01:12:45 – How to repurpose your content to generate multiple touch points with a leads
  • 01:12:45 – Creating blog posts from videos
  • 01:15:39 – Creating content for HGTV and Instagram
  • 01:17:28 – Can digital marketing help other businesses that are badly impacted by the virus outbreak?



“So right now, we're seeing throughout most of Facebook, it's like about a 50% surge of traffic. We have not seen this kind of explosion in a long time. So there's a ton of eyeballs on Facebook. And so what that equates to in terms of ads and ad spend right now is that Facebook ads are almost on sale”.

“In marketing closing the gap is really the name of the game”.

“If you want people to click on it and respond to the event, then you really need to tap into the Facebook ad manager and choose engagement as the objective”.

“As real estate professionals can now use data to target homeowners and sellers and buyers to a degree that no one's ever been able to do in human history”.



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