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Mar 16, 2021

How To Get More Listings And Close More Deals. Matt Grew his real estate business 40x and shares how he did it in this strategy packet interview.

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How can you make your mark in an over-heated and intensely competitive real estate space? 

There are few people who can answer this question better than our guest for today, the badass realtor, Matt Davies who has set up a thriving real estate business in five short years.

On today’s show, Matt shares his wisdom on real estate marketing, client prospecting, and vetting new real estate investment deals.

Back in 2014, when Matt decided to make the transition from waiting tables to real estate, he had to overcome his limiting self-beliefs. 

You will learn how Matt went from earning a measly $26,000 in his first year to over a million dollars in 2020. 

He shares how he vets new projects to find no-brainer, winning deals. And how he abides with the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) philosophy in everything that he does.  

Additionally, he opens up his sales playbook and reveals how he invests in relationships for long-term gains. 

You will also learn how Matt altered his marketing in the wake of covid. And he wraps up this show by sharing some expert tips to help you save your tax dollars

We hope you enjoy this show!

Key Takeaways:

00:00 – Matt’s background information

02:34 – From playing in a rock band to sales to waiting tables, Matt tries his hand at everything

06:23 – Matt’s AH-HA moment which inspires him to get into real estate

09:33 – From earning $26,000 in 2014 to a million dollars last year – how did Matt do it?

12:18 – Fighting self-sabotage and limiting beliefs

16:23 – Building an abundant mindset, and how strong family roots can power you ahead

20:32 – How to avoid analysis paralysis

28:27 – Matt’s new real estate development project in North Park

32:39 – Relationship building, and why your network is truly your net-worth

37:02 – A peek into my sales playbook, and how I made my first million-dollar sale

49:46 – Don’t over-complicate, and watch out for the obvious

51:32 – How to vet and find a great deal

01:00:25 – Understanding zoning regulations and discovering value add

01:07:42 – Matt’s money philosophy, and the magic of compounding

01:14:54 – How to tailor your marketing and reach out to your target audience

01:16:20 – Pivoting in the wake of covid

01:24:13 – Matt’s advice for noobs who are planning on investing in a condo

01:26:08 – Matt shares how he turned $180,000 into $650,000 for his client

01:28:14 – Capital gains, and saving your tax dollars

01:29:44 – We end the show with our Rapid-Fire Round!



“The deals that I get to do are from my relationships with people and the cool people that I get to know. And so much comes from the compound interest, you know, and one of the cogs in the wheel is doing brokerage”.

“Now's not the time to pull back or take a break or be scared. Now's the time to really shine and lead and guide and help”.

“So selling is not telling. It's asking good questions. So, you need to ask good questions, like a medical professional would, and I am an MD”.

“If you don't know what a top plate or a bottom plate is, or, you know, how the order or the sequence of  new construction, you have no business developing 100 unit apartment complex, or even an 18 unit apartment complex.


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