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Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

May 28, 2020

How can you pivot your digital marketing strategy in the wake of the coronavirus? What tips and tricks can you utilize to give your business more visibility and generate more leads in these trying times?

Our guest for today, John Lincoln is the CEO and Founder of Ignite Visibility.

In today’s show, John goes down the rabbit hole and discusses a bunch of marketing strategies guaranteed to give you the competitive edge. From lead generation to follow-up, we share how you can communicate effectively with your prospects and bump up your conversions.

Tools discussed in today’s show include YouTube ads, Facebook ads, HARO, Google Search Console and much, much more....

We hope you enjoy this show!

Key Takeaways:

  • 01:09 – How to pivot your marketing response in the wake of COVID-19
  • 05:28 – Communication and risk reversal
  • 07:51 – Will your marketing be perceived as too “salesy” give the current situation?
  • 11:19 – John explains how to leverage HARO (Help a Reporter Out) for media outreach
  • 14:03 - How to make the perfect pitch on HARO
  • 16:10 – “Digital” refresh strategy for real estate
  • 16:10 - How to build an online business model to acquire and retarget leads in the real estate niche
  • 20:39 – How to follow up with leads who show intent
  • 22:23 – YouTube ads vs. Facebook ads – which is the best option for real estate marketing?
  • 22:23 – Typically, how long should it take you to set up a YouTube ad?
  • 24:32 – Do unedited ads shot on iPhone work better on YouTube?
  • 25:32 – How to set up an ad campaign in YouTube
  • 28-38 – Lead generation strategies for real estate marketers
  • 31:35 – How has the COVID-19 outbreak affected ad spend?
  • 37:38 – Web scraping as a tool for lead prospecting
  • 39:04 – Best practices for marketing success on LinkedIn
  • 41:27 – How to leverage LinkedIn groups to further engagement
  • 42:52 – Is the demographic on LinkedIn more suitable for real estate marketing?
  • 43:17 – Should you come up with a new offer than is more aligned with the current scenario?
  • 46:04 – Creative ideas for virtual networking 
  • 49:00 – Check out our previous show with Travis Thom and learn how to conduct virtual open houses
  • 50:44 – How to (efficiently) shoot a video on YouTube and gain maximum exposure
  • 55:31 – How to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO
  • 56:30 – Can you use infographics to market your offer?
  • 58:58 – What about evergreen webinars? Are they still a good tool for real estate marketing?
  • 01:01:44 – John shares a quick synopsis of his book, “The Forecaster Method”
  • 01:05:27 – Latest SEO updates that you should be aware of
  • 01:10:17 – Does your domain name matter? Will a “.com” domain name manage to pull in more traffic?
  • 01:12:11 – How can you determine you page load speed?



“Just go from the gut. Tell what you really feel and be authentic. Try to get real specific with the audiences and scale out”

“We went into all the industries that were doing well and we doubled our media spend and we're able to make up almost all the revenue lost. We actually ended up having our biggest month”.

“So, what's that one main topic...that one main term, and then create more and more videos around it and just keep on growing your authority around that cluster”.


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