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Apr 26, 2021

How To Build A MEGA Real Estate Team With Top Realtor Tracy Cousineau | Founders Club. Subscribe to my channel for more tools and tips:​  More at​ 




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REVEALED: Trade Secrets Used by One of the Top-Performing Real Estate Teams in the Country to Sell 555 Homes in 2020 ft. Tracy Cousineau on Founders Club




What are the trade secrets using which one of the top-performing real estate teams in the country sold 555 homes in the year of the pandemic?


Our guest for today, Tracy Cousineau, the co-founder, Real Estate Expert Advisors shares with us her wisdom on building an effective real estate sales process, delegation & scaling.


You will learn how her strong belief helped her make her foray into the real estate business when she was just 16. And how she maxed out her 401K to facilitate her very first real estate transaction.

You will get a peek into the exact sales process using which Tracy and her team at have managed to sell more than 555 homes in the year of the pandemic.


We hope you enjoy this show!


Key Takeaways:


00:00 – Tracy’s background information

01:12 – How showing up for the community in the right way helped Tracy and her team close a record number of houses in 2020

02:57 – Ignoring all the incorrect advice given by the so-called “experts” to take financially prudent measures

03:22 – Why moving your mortgage payments is NOT a good idea

05:40 – Leveraging story-telling to maximize your gains from social media

08:09 – What are some of the biggest things that helped Tracy and her team close 555 homes in the year of the pandemic?

10:12 – Partnering up with vendors to improve your bottom-line

12:16 – Delegation and scaling your real estate business to the next level

19:22 – Expert tips for monitoring progress of partner agents

20:35 – Building a dream team and a great company culture

23:34 – Starting in real estate at the age 16, and cashing out my entire 401K to get a foothold in the business

30:52 – Rewriting the rule book – how Tracy sold her first home back in 1999

34:34 – Which marketing channel is generating the best results for Tracy?

35:36 – Putting your ego aside for maximizing your marketing effectiveness

40:42 – Lead to close - Tracy explains how her Inside Sale Agents (ISA’s) follow with their leads in a systematic manner

47:39 – Learning from your mistakes and constantly optimizing your sales process




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