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Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Nov 5, 2019

If anyone deserves financial independence, it’s the military families who serve our country. But understanding the benefits available to vets is difficult enough and knowing how to leverage those benefits to invest in real estate is harder still.

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Eric Upchurch is the Referral and Investment Chief with Active Duty Passive Income, an online education platform dedicated to helping the military community achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. A former Special Ops Crewmember in the US Army, Eric serves the ADPI team as a liaison for connecting new investors to passive investment opportunities.   

On this episode of Founders Club, Eric joins Oliver to share the mission behind Active Duty Passive Income and discuss the community they’ve built on the platform. He explains how he got into real estate investing and offers advice around leveling up your networking, finding off-market multifamily deals, and transitioning from SFH to multifamily investing. Listen in for Eric’s insight on being willing to do what other people won’t and learn how ADPI is fostering the wealth and health of those who serve.

Key Takeaways

[1:02] The mission of Active Duty Passive Income

  • Teach active duty vets to maximize available benefits
  • Source for all things military and real estate investing

[8:51] How Eric got into real estate investing

[11:50] How to transition from SFH to multifamily

  • Invest in coaching, conferences and masterminds
  • Build team to take down large multifamily deal

[17:20] Eric’s advice on leveling up in networking

  • Willing to do what others won’t (e.g.: plane ticket)
  • Ask people about themselves
  • Respond to ALL messages from brokers

[23:19] How Eric is finding multifamily deals

  • Buy list through CoStar, look for 100+ value-add deals
  • Cold call brokers and owners and track in CRM

[32:10] Eric’s view of a home as property

  • Make use of live-in flip strategy
  • Move family 9 times in 8 years

[36:20] Eric’s big WHY for serving the military community

  • Veterans deserve to create generational wealth
  • Support for addiction, PTSD through ADPI Helps

[49:19] How the ADPI Podcast scores high-profile guests

  • Write down goals (Top 100 List)
  • Cold call or email member of team

[54:44] What Eric is investing in right now

  • Passive multifamily opportunities (575 doors)
  • Portfolio across multiple asset classes

[57:20] Eric’s top tools and apps

  • Voxer for global communication
  • Paper and post-it notes

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Connect with Founders Club Host Oliver Graf on Instagram: @OliverGraf360