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Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Apr 13, 2021

EverBowl Founder, Jeff Fenster reaveals what it takes to grow a successfull business on Founders Club

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Is there any “secret sauce” that catapults some entrepreneurs miles ahead of the rest? 

There are few people who can answer this question better than our guest for today, Jeff Fenster, Founder and CEO of Everbowl. 

On today’s show, Jeff reveals how to build and exit successful businesses even without any previous experience. He also shares his wisdom on leveraging relationship capital, and using vertical integration to maximize your business bottom-line

Jeff shares his FIVE CORE VALUES, and reveals how he is applying them to his business. 

If you are frustrated by the intense competition and the total lack of opportunity, tuning in today will help you discover your unique value proposition so that you can remain a leg up on the competition. 

We hope you enjoy this show!

Key Takeaways:

00:00 – Jeff’s background information

03:00 – Brief stint at ADP, living the dream life till everything comes crashing down

04:44 – Jeff starts his first entrepreneurial venture out of spite and turns it into a resounding success

08:19 – Venturing into the restaurant business with Everbowl and why experience is over-rated

11:54 – How Everbowl is promoting the unevolved lifestyle

13:04 – How every business has the same underlying fundamentals

13:42 – Building a dream team – are you the dumbest person in the room?

14:51 – Jeff’s FIVE CORE Values

16:25 – KAIZEN – setting micro goals and getting slightly better every day

18:30 – Embracing change instead of running away from it

20:00 – How to get people to find buy-in

25:53 – Figuring out the biggest pain points, and finding your unique value proposition

31:25 – Vertical integration to reduce capital costs and maximize profits

36:44 – 3D modelling, virtual walk-ins using Matterport and how to beat Zillow at their own game

44:20 – Leveraging your most important asset – relationships

48:53 – Jeff opens up his simple but highly effective sales playbook

58:19 – Where is Jeff investing his money?

01:04:53 – Jeff’s favorite apps

01:06:56 – Some parting wisdom 



“I can surround myself with great people and understand that I don't need to be the smartest person on the team. I want to be the dumbest person on the team. And I'm very good at that. So, I surround myself with great people who are great at the things that I'm not good at”.

“When you stack wins, all of a sudden you build momentum. And when you stack wins, and you build momentum, you get confidence behind what you're doing”.

“What has allowed me to be successful is, is scrapping away and pulling back all of the fluff and all the complexities that scare people and confuse people and confuse business owners and businesses”.

“So, relationship capital, to me is the most important asset we all have. If you gave me a choice, and I moved to a new city, and you said, I can introduce you to 100 of the most influential people in the city, and you'll be friends with them. Or I can give you a million dollars. Which would you rather have? I would want the 100 introductions”.

“People love talking about themselves and if you can help them first…it is always the law of reciprocity, or whatever that is. It always comes around”.


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