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Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Sep 17, 2021

Do you feel that your sales and marketing efforts are lacking in inspiration and effectiveness?

Our guest for today, Neal Tricarico, Founder of SalesGrowth and Head of Sales at Scalable who has worked with legendary folks like Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Chet Holmes. In this episode, Neal joins Oliver to share his Seven-Step Formula to becoming the ultimate salesperson. Deploying this seven-step formula will help you develop the mindset necessary to become indispensable to your clients. We start this show with Neal sharing some common stigmas surrounding marketing and sales. You will learn how working with Deepak Chopra transformed his thinking and entire sales approach. In the next segment of the show, Neal walks us through his Seven-Step Sales Process. From cultivating focus to enrolment, you will receive some excellent insights using which you can formulate your entire customer journey. We hope you enjoy this show! Tune in now!

Key Takeaways:

00:00 – Neal’s background information

02:50 – My first epiphany: Marketing is not a bad thing

02:50 – Working with Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins, and how it transformed my thinking

05:45 – How Chet Holmes inspired Neal to set up his consulting business

06:25 – Why has Neal continued with his sales job?

07:30 – Behind the scenes with Tony Robbins – and my biggest takeaway

10:42 – What does Tony Robbins do when things don’t go as per the plan?

11:57 – Shedding the stigma surrounding marketing and sales

15:55 – What is the ONE thing that can truly catapult your sales? 18:05 – Focus - Recognition, being present, and shifting the focus to their outcome

19:29 – The Seven-Step Framework to building a great sales team 20:11 – Building a Rapport – How to earn trust and respect from your prospect

23:30 – Diagnose Needs – How to look beyond the obvious

27:11 – Building Value – Using future pacing to make the magic happen

29:56 – Creating Buy-In

31:51 – Overcoming objections – how to address some of the most common buyer objections

36:50 – And Enrolment

39:07 – How to become an indispensable partner to your clients 40:49 – The Sales Strength Identifier typically costs $1,000, but it's absolutely FREE for listeners of the Founder’s Club Podcast

44:29 – How to be great at cold calling

50:07 – A great app to improve the effectiveness of your sales process - Robo caller

54:40 – Some parting wisdom from

Neal Quotes:

“Step one is to shift your focus. So, to shift your focus away from your preoccupations be present with the prospect before you even engage with them. That's the most important piece, if you're not starting from that place, the rest aren't going to come across as effectively”.

“I can spend time and effort to get business. That is prospecting. I can spend money to get business. That is marketing. I can build relationships and get top-of-the-mind awareness, and get results. And people line up.”